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Er werd een Senior Front End Web Developer gevraagd...5 april 2012

Explain some examples of CSS3-specific features which are safe to use cross-browser (including IE6) and how to use them.

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Use a patch workaround like IE-CSS3


What will be the output when the following code is executed? console.log(false == '0') console.log(false === '0')

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true false


Common questions about js, css, front end frameworks and AngularJS lifecycle. Questions about problem solving. Questions about implementation of the homework task.

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I answered all questions. The interview was like regular communication, no pressure, and it was a friendly atmosphere. Minder


A lot of Javascript- functioning of this function, callbacks, event loops, some AngularJS basic. A bit of problem-solving as well, but mostly Javascript concepts.

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Find second highest number in an array.


Lots of React specific questions, especially about state management. Some random other trivia questions like what is method overloading. Soft skill style questions such as what do I wish to get out of my next position. Create a function on a whiteboard that accepts two strings returning true if they are an anagram of each other.

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Did fine on everything up until the whiteboard (final) part of the interview. While this is a fairly simple alg and in fact one I've solved before, I have massive anxiety when it comes to white board interviews (every time). All circulation ceases and I suffer at least an 80 IQ point drop. Couldn't even get out of my chair to grab the sharpie. Minder


What other front end web experience do you have that is not on your resume?

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Explained that working 30 years in the industry does not allow to provide all experiences on the resume. I explained I had other experience similar to what is on my resume and I brought up other projects I worked on that were not related to web front end development, but the experience enhanced my overall development experience. Minder


Why should we use Bootstrap over Talwind CSS?

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Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS are two different CSS frameworks and have a different approach when it comes to customization. I personally prefer Bootstrap because it has built-in Sass variables for global style preferences for easy theming and component changes. Minder


UX Design frameworks, Carrer aspirations

MCD Partners

What's an example of a challenging project you worked on?

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