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Schneider Electric
Er werd een Senior Frontend Developer gevraagd...16 maart 2023

Type of subjects, Uses of session cookies and JWT tokens

Tata Consultancy Services

1. Fetch data from a mockapi and render it in the form of table using angular. Should follow all the best practices. 2. data communication in angular 3. Dependency Injection in Angular. etc


Q: DSA question (smashTheBricks). Never even saw this goddamn question. This felt like a ridiculously hard DSA question. Don't understand why they ask hard DSA questions for a frontend position.

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Didn't even attempt it. Gave up that instant and rage quit.


Q: MCQs on Javascript & React. For God's sake, they asked questions on React class components. React switched to using Hooks and is deprecating class components support, and yet these folks are stuck on outdated questions.


They asked some Angular related questions.


Regarding a API fetching program

Kyosk Digital Services

Behavioural questions with the hR interview Technical interview - More like having a discussion with a senior member of the team. Deployment questions Optimizing frontend applications Testing process. Angular questions like directives Ways to implement views like infinite scrolling


Vue questions, online vue coding displaying data in table


print a pattern based on a number very easy

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you write in an online text editor


How does Promise work Difference between call and apply

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