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Er werd een Senior Full Stack Developer gevraagd...4 augustus 2014

How would you build a BART train system.

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Various infrastructure, logic, and fail safe issues. Caching, redundancy, customer experience handling in case of failures. Minder

I would identify and address all of the various infrastructure, logic, and fail safe issues as well as design systems to handle caching, redundancy, and customer experience handling in case of failures. Minder


create a spring bean a and inject class b object and bean b inject a into it. this will create circular dependency, how spring resolve it?

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By using setter injection, inject the object after creating both the objects. consructor injection will have circular dependency. Minder

At bangalore Synechron is firing for external projects for their clients, sometimes even before client offer job to your profile Synechron will offer you job. So . Once after you joined Synechron you need to attend interview at client place, if you did not clear interview - then you lost it. and you don't have job. Synechron won't keep you in bench for much days !. be careful. I met few guys , they were resigned from other companies and joined Synechron. after joining Synechron they had to attend F2F interview with client . since they could not clear interviiew, they had to leave Synechron and they were jobless. So if you have EMIs running , then Synechron is not the right place :) Minder


Given two arrays: arr1[0..m-1] and arr2[0..n-1]. Find whether arr2[] is a subset of arr1[] or not. Both the arrays are not in sorted order. It may be assumed that elements in both array are distinct.

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The program was not complete

class Rtech { /* Return true if arr2[] is a subset of arr1[] */ static boolean isSubset(int arr1[], int arr2[], int m, int n) { int i = 0; int j = 0; for (i = 0; i < n; i++) { for (j = 0; j < m; j++) if (arr2[i] == arr1[j]) break; /* If the above inner loop was not broken at all then arr2[i] is not present in arr1[] */ if (j == m) return false; } /* If we reach here then all elements of arr2[] are present in arr1[] */ return true; } // Driver code public static void main(String args[]) { int arr1[] = { 11, 1, 13, 21, 3, 7 }; int arr2[] = { 11, 3, 7, 1 }; int m = arr1.length; int n = arr2.length; if (isSubset(arr1, arr2, m, n)) System.out.print("arr2[] is " + "subset of arr1[] "); else System.out.print("arr2[] is " + "not a subset of arr1[]"); } } Minder

Dev IQ

When would you use Java vs. Node.js for backend services?

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Dive deep into the Node.js event loop mechanism.


Core JS, TS, Security, DevOps, SysOps, Design Patterns

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For a senior position, you have to know a lot. You are expected to have the technical expertise and knowledge to guide other developers. Better review first and don't brag about things you really don't know. Be honest when you don't know a particular technology. The interviewers guided me on the questions that I am having trouble. Minder


Recruiter asked me if I'm interested in their tech stack.

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I expressed my interest in the technologies they use.

Syte (Israel)

Create a class to handle memory with methods bootstrap(), alloc(ptr), free(index)

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First I created not efficient version and then improved it with a bootstrap method Minder

Syte (Israel)

Questions about databases

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Wrote a few requests related to mongoDB and MySQL

Titan School Solutions

When do you initialize a child component (Angular) from a parent component.

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Frontline (Singapore)

Show your code to solve challenging problem

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I don't have any option except my side project because it is not ethical to show my previous employers' code Minder

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