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How would you manage difficult customer?

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With respect, while trying to understand where is the frustration coming from. Conducting analysis of factors causing dissatisfaction is essential in order to solve a problem and prevent this situation from happening in the future. Setting realistic expectations is also one of the corner stones of balanced relationship.

Can you create a presentation and present a business topic that is relevant to the team?

Tell me about a time when you had to investigate something and you had a lot of resistance.

Prepare a plan for a new system integration?

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Hoe te handelen bij slecht functioneren van medewerker.

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A mix of motivational round/ speaking about my case experience (I am a strategy consultant for the last 6 years+) and a few cases, from DD/ Sizing to more open pure strategy cases. All were enjoyable and fun.

There was also a case to develop

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They asked multiple times about my current (at the time) workplace rather than my skills. I think they were trying to assess how committed I was at my company. It came out really bad because the questions looked assertive and more about the specific workplace rather than my interest in joining the company and my skills.

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Hoe lang denkt U deze functie te doen?

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