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Inncrewin Technologies
Er werd een Senior .NET Developer gevraagd...7 december 2021

2- Write code in one of the classes to meet the following requirement Once a month, a file is uploaded into the system that has all the bank transactions. These include payments made by customers. Customers may pay all charges for multiple projects in one payment or may pay per project. The system must determine matching amounts and display it to the company’s accountant so he can easily tally payments and invoices. Following are the fields in the uploaded sheet. Date Type (Debit/Credit) Amount ID (I added this column)

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I just designed how data transfer happens through Models, Like Company Model -> Customers Model -> Projects Model -> BillingMode Model What i didnt know is whether i have to create a Web Application or a Service and where do i have to get excel data. Nothing was told in interview, the interviewer was just on mute and was not willing to tell any doubts. Minder

Code on visual Studio

Datamatics Global Services

First two technical round was really worth full and good. but in 3rd round I have doubt on psychological doubt on interviewer. In order to twist question, they twisted me to understand their question. They are not enough prepared how to twist technical question. Having a doubt on interview is good, BUT Interviewer should good communicator to ask twisted question. otherwise interviewee will get misunderstood and rejected.

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Absolutely Ri8.. Same Thing was Happen with Me.. 1st They Will Tell U To come In Headoffice In andheri And Then For 2nd interview was happen in Sipz(Andheri).. Minder

I did my best. I am proud to be a good developer.

Alltech Int'l

Wanted SSN and consent form to perform background investigation as a pre-condition to get a pre-interview phone screen.

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I requested that I be removed consideration as I will not consent to background check without an offer letter. Minder

Alltech thoroughly interviews and vets all candidates before the interview. That is why they asked for the drivers license and SS before the interview, so they can do a soft check on your credit to make sure nothing is outstanding, a clearance check, and if necessary a criminal background check. They do all the footwork before hand so the prime doesn't have to, and only proceed with candidates that are of high quality. They are not a staffing firm. Minder


I was asked to defend why I didn't believe in drag & drop development. Seriously?!

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It is good to see a comment from one of the interviewers. The drag and drop has its limitations but it is an easy of use tool to help none technical people such as business user to create their business process and get it deployed in a timely fashion. Developers should be happy to see these tools since it is easier for business users to test their business processes. Minder

Mr. Mark Richman: I happened to whiteness your interview that day. An interview with the CIO is not about your technical skills, but rather about your style of engagement with team members and your ability to add discussion value versus desperately trying to make a stand on your opinions. In my view, bad move on your part not understanding the actual purpose of the drag and drop question. It was not a technical question, and your ego might have gotten the better of a well crafted interview designed to find the brightest talent in the marketplace. Minder

AIM Specialty Health

Pick one of your application that you have worked on in your current job and describe the technical details from start to finish, to be specific, include classes, fields, methods, SOA, SPs, connections etc.

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Administrative Assistant

I have more experience than others


Cuantas veces escribes el número 6 si escribes todos los números del 1 al 1536?

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No recuerdo bien la respuesta pero parece que son 404

404 veces, 100 para la centena, 150 para la decena y 154 para la unidad


Draw on the paper a deadlock.

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public class TestDeadlockExample1 { public static void main(String[] args) { final String resource1 = "ratan jaiswal"; final String resource2 = "vimal jaiswal"; // t1 tries to lock resource1 then resource2 Thread t1 = new Thread() { public void run() { synchronized (resource1) { System.out.println("Thread 1: locked resource 1"); try { Thread.sleep(100);} catch (Exception e) {} synchronized (resource2) { System.out.println("Thread 1: locked resource 2"); } } } }; // t2 tries to lock resource2 then resource1 Thread t2 = new Thread() { public void run() { synchronized (resource2) { System.out.println("Thread 2: locked resource 2"); try { Thread.sleep(100);} catch (Exception e) {} synchronized (resource1) { System.out.println("Thread 2: locked resource 1"); } } } }; t1.start(); t2.start(); } } Minder

Deadlock in java is a part of multithreading. Deadlock can occur in a situation when a thread is waiting for an object lock, that is acquired by another thread and second thread is waiting for an object lock that is acquired by first thread. Since, both threads are waiting for each other to release the lock, the condition is called deadlock. Minder


How to make SignalR work on web farm. I overall there were extremely technical basic questions.

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Answers are obvious.

There's a lot of elements to typically cover in these questions, clarifications, scoping, making sure you're answering the actual question the interviewer is looking for you to answer, etc. Could be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Prepfully Roofstock Senior Net Developer experts... they've worked in the role so they clearly know how to get through the interview. Minder


How would you consume from a WCF web service running on IIS?

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we can use svcutil, which will provide option to create service proxy and its config file. Once the proxy has been created we can add this proxy and config files to the client project and invoke the service. Minder

I answered create a service reference in visual studio. The follow up, was "How do you do it without visual studio?" I answered "wsdl", but I really didn't have much more after that because I'm so use to using Visual Studio. Minder

ConEst Software

They asked me to describe my background as it regards Crystal Reports which I have used for about 25 years.

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I explained to them my experience and how having been trained in Crystal I knew how to properly assemble a good Crystal Report. This was striking later on when I saw a bunch of their existing Crystal Reports that had design flaws producing mysterious errors. However, when I suggested re-writing that one report properly, there is an analyst who clearly does not want to do much in her job, and thus completely resisted any concept of cleaning things up. Minder

If this ".NET Developer" and self proclaimed "Crystal Expert" had taken the time to set a breakpoint, he would have immediately noticed the problem causing the strange error. I have never written a Crystal report and it took me about ten minutes to find and fix the problem. Sometimes the obvious is the most difficult to see. Minder

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