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Er werd een Senior Manager Sales Operations gevraagd...28 september 2020

Explain Quota Planning Process in your Current Org.

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Adopt both top down and bottoms up approach to distribute the plan numbers from corporate level to individual sales reps. Account potential, last year achievement, upcoming renewals etc are considered to determine territory target which rolls up. Minder

Hi! As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at . Pls also check the positive feedback at the bottom of that page! Thanks. Minder

Harbor Freight Tools

How would you describe your management style?

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I would disagree with the other response. If you are a Senior Operations Manager, you want your management style to be a combination of management and leadership skills. The job description should clearly indicate some of the skills expected of the manager. You will want to go into detail on how you communicate, set strategy, deal with conflict etc. Even if it appears that the job description indications "hands on" is needed I wouldnt use this terminology. It will make you appear you are a micro manager and most organizations dont want this at a Senior Ops level. Minder

Hands on

Chemonics International

What is double entry

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In accounting equation, one account surrenders the benefit (giving out) ,while another account retains (receives) the benefit. Minder

To every transaction in accountancy, there are two entry, the Debit or the Credit, depending on whether one is dealing with costs or revenues, the benefits could be the opposite of the other. Minder

New Relic

Q: What is the most important thing when you work for a company?

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People working together.

Time management, skills and smart work

Orchard Platform

What is the most important thing that I look for in a company?

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Commitment to the employees / people, giving them an ability to grow, learn and have fun. Minder


None, vague and no clue what they needed.

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Go through CV only

How will you manage work with kids if we consider you for some other role

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I have been working previously with my kids. ( a working mother should think twice before going for an interview here) Minder

Jet black

What is the biggest risk you have taken in your current position?

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I had not thought about an answer ahead of time, so this took me off guard.


What can you tell me about Katerra?

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Details, Details, Details! Take your time to research the company’s vision and plan Minder

Pine State Trading

why do you want to work here

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I wanted to join a successful and growing team that would enable and support my professional growth Minder

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