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Er werd een Senior QA Engineer gevraagd...11 juli 2015

Draw a bridge and you have three people trying to cross? Seriously>

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I actually had an interview with Clearleap yesterday and I can tell you that above comments are not true. Interview process was very professional. Problem solving questions were quite interesting and I enjoyed them! Minder

Unfortunately, your response is quite immature and therefore I withdraw myself from this conversation. Minder

4 people actually (you missed the requirement). Looks like you did not pay attention during the interview. These types of questions are designed to figure out your: a) Problem solving skills b) Creativity c) Ability to work under pressure And most of all to observe your thought process. But in your Senior QA Engineer role you should have know about that already, right? Minder

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The position was for a Senior QA Position, I knew they wanted someone who could code and do automation, but wasn't fully prepared to code in an unfamiliar editor (without some of the IDE tools I'm used to using) while being recorded at the same time.

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The question asked for coding, was not particularly hard, or difficult, unfamiliar, plain text feel vs IDE feel of the editor got a problem. For example, I'm used to auto adding of closing parenthesis and braces so I can format code properly, one run time error occurred cause I missed one. Totally a minor issue, but I don't know if my code, run, get error, fix, get new error, consult docs way of doing code is why they decided not to move forward. This is how I was taught to code though, a bit of code at a time. My advice would be practice writing code in a text editor like notepad++ that doesn't add those closing parenthesis, so you can be prepared for that part of the experience. My rating is based on, zero feedback about the coding part, or answers I gave, about things they liked, didn't like, or thought might be something I need to improve. Minder

What kind of programming questions you were asked?

There weren't that many programming questions, and the one I was asked, seemed pretty basic. Navigating arrays and strings for example was part of it. It was not something I'd have considered to be a trick question like some other companies have. I can't say more or it might ruin the question for others. Minder


Explaim Mobile automation framework architecture

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A good work

Platform developed by integrating varoius hardware and software resources and various tools and services based on a qualified set of set of assumptions. Minder

An automation framework is a platform developed by integrating various hardware and software resources and various tools and services based on a qualified set of assumptions. It enables efficient design and development of automated test scripts and reliable analysis of issues for the system under test. Minder

Visa Inc.

DB query

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I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Minder


It's essential to demonstrate that you can really go deep... there are plenty of followup questions and (sometimes tangential) angles to explore. There's a lot of Senior QA Engineer experts who've worked at Visa, who provide this sort of practice through mock interviews. There's a whole list of them curated on Prepfully. Minder

Morgan Stanley

If you are using QTP, how can you identify 2 pop up windows with exactly the same object id? So far I have no answer.

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QTP records the creation time object property for identifying the object. Which ever pop up window comes first is assigne creationtime = 0 and the nexxt one one is assigned 1, I gues on this basis we can differentiate between the two pop ups Minder

Using Ordinal Identifier - Index

So far I have no answer.


Why there are 4 Automation engineers in your team and not 2 or 1?

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Gave generic answer as its not in my hands

Hi Can you pls specify questions asked in Technical Round -2 and Managerial round ? Minder

Can you please tell more about technical test 1round


1. Techical Test (Programs with Java and selenium - set up connection and read data from table and used it in your code, selenium-select, etc) 2. Techical Interview 3. Techinical + logical Reasoning 4. Technical +Managerial 5. VP Round

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Did you got the call from HR ?

Hi can you let me know kind of questions asked in round 2 and 3 ? Help would be much appreciated Minder

80% Question i have answered well.Few of the logical questions i missed out.


Programming Question: Jay has N friends, there are M different type of tickets. Jay & his friend, each have some tickets ticket[i]. ticket[N] is the number of tickets Jay has. WAP to return the number of friends who's number of tickets are different from jay's ticket count with 'k'. input: 1. N - number of Jay's friends 2. M - different type of tickets 3. k - difference required 4. Array of tickets

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Yes, Partial test case passed.

Answer in JS- Trying to remove the duplicate tickets for each person then compare the tickets to get the desired number k. And then get the number of such friends. Not comparing Jay's own tickets. const getFriendsCount = (N, M, k, ticketsArr) => { const uniqueTktsArr = => Array.from(new Set(tktsArr))) let friendsNum = 0 const jaysTickets = uniqueTktsArr[N] uniqueTktsArr.forEach((tktsArr, i) => { if (i === N) { return true } let match = 0 tktsArr.every(tkt => { if (jaysTickets.includes(tkt)) { if (++match === k) { friendsNum++ return false } } return true }) }) return friendsNum } Minder


Would you survive the stressful environment

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I work better under pressure



Will your wife mind if you work all weekend?

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Very un-PC question but I answered it anyway.

I would refuse to answer this question. It leaves me with a very poor impression of the company. First, they are asking to compromise your work-life balance. Second, they are asking about your marital status, which is illegal. Minder

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