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Er werd een Senior Quality Assurance (QA)/Software Development Engineer In Test Engineer (Remote Accepted) gevraagd...9 oktober 2014

While waiting for my telephone interview and sitting here for 23 minutes, I went on and researched the company. It turns out the company is notorious for being late on telephone interviews and I have read over some very bad experiences from other candidates.

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First impressions are most important and since no one called me when they scheduled the phone interview just yesterday, I am not impressed with Living Social whatsoever. Moving on and giving everyone else fair warning that this appears to be a very unprofessional culture to work for. Reading up on other candidate reviews, the company is giving people the runaround. Not a good sign at all. I will pass thank you for wasting my morning. Minder

IHS Markit

Why gap Project No Technical question based on experience.

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Well but interviewer lacked confidence on my answers. She was not having proper understanding how to take interviews. Minder


Cloud-computing concepts, Typical DW ETL test approch/scenarios, QA Validations using Azure Databricks, Report Testing

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I think I answered them well, and felt confident after my technical rounds.


1) Do you have experience with Git ? 2) Why automation is good for projects ? 3) What part of code I wrote I am especially proud of? 4) Do I have experience with Jira, WebDriver, Ranorex. 5) What salary I expect?

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1) My answer: I asked the interviewer if he had time to read my CV and check my GitHub account, open source and my personal projects... After the first question I was sure that the company is rather a joke... not a place I would like to work at. Minder

Mitchell International

What is the difference between a test plan and test cases?

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A test plan is a description of objectives, scope, approach and focus of a software testing effort. A test case is a document that describes an input, action or event of an expected response to determine if the application works correctly. A test case should contain an identifier, name, objective, conditions, setup, input data requirements, steps and expected results. Minder


python diff between list and tuple and dict

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list and tuple diff is mutable and immutable while dict is unordered and unindex data type. Minder

Universal Electronics

how to validate low battery test cases for remote control unit series and parallel circuit voltage measurement

Eurofins Scientific

Some puzzles, testing concepts, Testing methodology, some live examples in the technical round. Managerial round was also more of technical round where again some more testing concepts and automation stuff were asked for.


Real time questions will be based on your resume


basics on python , sql ,linux

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