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Er werd een Senior Executive Corporate Sales gevraagd...20 november 2015

Maslow's Hierarchy Theory..??

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5 level Basic need Safety need Love need Esteem need Self actualization

5 levels like Basic needs, safety needs, social needs etc.

Physiological needs Safety Social Self actualization

Schneider Electric

When will i get married

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when i will be better enough to carry some people with me in my life

when she will like u


Do you consider yourself a hands-on salesperson?

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Yes, I have performed demos for the instrumentation I have sold as well as helped with service issues when necessary. I cannot insert that my interview was in August 2009, that I was hired in August 2009, that my start date was September 2009 and I left in February 2011 due to the unit I worked for was sold. I can only put 2012. Minder

Yes, I have performed demos for the instrumentation I have sold as well as helped with service issues when necessary. Minder


largest deals that I have worked on

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Do throough a deal sheet talking about my role and value of agreement and anything unique Minder

I have recent experiences as a deployment and support analyst a major global project for Chevron (Gil3). This involves the deployment and suupport of over 2.500 computer systems to Chevron users. System analyst for global information link projects for Chevron, BP, TOTAL, EXXONMOBIL, GE, ENI, and skillful in application analyst. Minder

99acre com

full form of gprs

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General packet radio service

General packet radio services

Square Yards

About my experience.

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Assumed the position of the Senior Sales Engineer taking carew of key account management, channel sales for customers in Tamil Nadu & Karnataka region Lead the business development strategies tackling corporate sales of industrial equipment including compressors line of products Additionally managing the leasing & rental lines of business; working with the Head Office in Coimbatore and the local team members to effectively promote the leasing business Nurture and improve the channel partners, ensuring that they deliver optimum sales performance and achieve the revenue objectives Trained in critical technical aspects of the products and act as a Subject Matter Expert in resolving application/technical issues Supported the commercial team in Coimbatore through Pre Sales Application consulting, quotation preparation, Minder


Schneider Electric

How much incremental revenue are you bringing to the organization

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As much as I can do

As much u require from me

Tata Motors

why you choose tata?

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tata group have's very old group in india.i want to be proud to join tata group otherwise i kw tata group always gives chance to fresher how to expand their self Minder

How many of your previous customers can you get to switch over?

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Between 50% and 2/3rds

How much experience you have? (Which was clearly mentioned on top of my Resume)

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I told him the exact Months and Days

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