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Er werd een Senior SAP Consultant gevraagd...2 november 2015

Est-ce que vous êtes revendable? Comment est-ce que je peux vous vendre chez le client?

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Mettez en valeur vos points forts.

Commencez par susciter de l'envie, en vantant mes aptitudes, mes dons, l'inspiration, le respect, et la confiance que j'inspire, dites que vous ne me cèderiez pour rien au monde tant je vous suis précieux. Car il n'y a rien de plus envié au monde que ce que l'argent ne peut acheter. Vous même reconsidéreriez peut-être le réel intérêt d'une "revente" ;-P Minder

Moi non, mes compétences oui; ça s'appelle de l'intérim!

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They asked my strong topic in SD.

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I answered well and i was sure that they will call for final round.

They contacted me further to give them all docs and filled pwc application form.

Sparta Consulting

Interview was really easy when I had it... nothing unexpected or unknown.

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is it good to join Sparta US?

If you have another option... better consider that other option with care.


Tell me about yourself

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All very basic questions

22 years old, Undergoing bachelors degree at Liaoning University of technology China. Looking for options! :) Minder

LatCapital Solutions

Year of Experience

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7 years of Experience as ABAP Consultant and almost 20 years as programmer in many languages. Minder


technical Interview and HR interview only then the management decision

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Routine of management


To Prepare a technical presentation about a new sap product which took more than 20 hours of my time for preparation and the presentation time and effort itself.

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I have delivered it as requested, without getting any kind of feedback after then. Minder

Most of the questions were on fiori and data uploads. There were lot of questions on integration.

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Explain the fiori capabilities and integration points.

SR Technics

Usual questions, mostly about previous experience personality and ethics.

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I answered honestly.

Valero Energy

Technical Stuff about SAP .

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I was able to answer all of it.

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