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GEM Technology
Er werd een Senior Personnel Security Specialist gevraagd...10 oktober 2017

Are you willing and able to work in downtown DC?

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Which wine would you choose? Red or white?

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Mine's a bitter

HCL Technologies

Site to Site VPN

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Explained complete site to site vpn process along with the phase 1 and phase 2 message exchanges Minder

Walt Disney Company

What is your favorite Disney movie and why?

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Lion King (one of my favorites growing up - also BEYONCE!)


About my job experience

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Describe my work

Disney Parks

Experience in IT Security, what type of incidents did I find and how addressed.

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Talked about fire wall configurations and server changes.

SkyTouch Technology

They asked a number of questions relative to the position, to gauge whether my stance on a number of key topics aligned with what they were looking for.

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Apparently I answered favorably, because they continued the interview process


What best describe your knowledge about the security environment?

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This questions is very complicated to answer, because I'm working with network and security environment more than 10 years and, each day, I learning more and more about the security basis and how to deal with threats, solve issues and meet goals that customer need to us. I prefer answered: "I'm learning everytime that I working on each problem and project that I was engaged." Minder

Hyundai Motor

¿Tienes conocimiento de C-TPAT?

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Tengo amplio conocimiento de seguridad en la cadena de suministro pudiendo desarrollar una auditoría a socios comerciales y generar proyectos de mejora Minder


Give an example of a situation where and employee of yours or a coworker were involved in conflict with you and how you deescalated the situation and how things improved from there.

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I was the operations manager for a small sports park where we predominantly hired part time staff. They would constantly want more hours to increase their earnings. I would meet with them bi-monthly during the busy season to go over business need and how they were doing individually and monthly in the slower season. This allowed them to know where need for work would come from and where they stood in comparison to coworkers and how they could improve or earn more hours as them became available. Minder

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