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Er werd een Senior Software Development Manager gevraagd...5 mei 2010

What would you do if senior management demanded delivery of software in an impossible deadline?

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The feasibility which could lead to happen this type of situations is due to critical business needs. It means senior management would be actively involved and here agile framework will come into play. Delivering the workable product and then further developing the solution would be the best possible shot for win win situation. Minder

It is possible to keep scope, resources & timeline (dates) unchanged, but compromise on quality. This will impact team retention, especially the stronger engineers on the team, over the longer run. The leadership team must understand the consequences. Minder

Give them the choice of reduced scope, more resources, or changed dates. They can only pick 2. Minder


What methods would you use to retain employees within the company?

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Methods to retain employees - challenge, explain impact, bring clarity, monetary motivation, morale, help them identify strengths and let them play to it, promotions, tools at work, lateral move, right fit, work/life balance, mentor-mentee, etc. Got keep trying for A+ people and your A people as well. Minder

Check-out Maslov's theorem. Map each candidate to the stage they are in as per Maslov. That should give you an idea what motivates that individual. Base your action as per the individual. Minder

Have regular health index surveys. Give more responsibility and ownership. Have genuine morale events. Recognize performance fairly. Minder

JPMorgan Chase & Co

How would you bypass change management processes to dynamically change OS JCL streams?

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You would need to establish a baseline set of JCL procedures and identify the parameters which could change depending on the run time requirements. The domain values for all variables would need to be stored in DB2 table or a VSAM indexed file and a Stored Procedure or REXX script would need to determine what variables were required for a particular run and obtain them from the VSAM or DB2 datastore. These parameters would need to overlaid onto the templatge JCL and the resulting JCL stream would need to be submitted via the internal reader. The feasibility of this would depend on the scheduling software in use on the mainframe LPAR. Minder

This may be too simple of an answer, but I would have answered the question by saying I would do this as a global change. Minder


Tell me about a time when you faced an especially difficult problem to solve and how you overcame it.

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How do you handle your project late by schedule?

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I've handle it several times in my careers and I gave the most logical way: work more hours, reduce scope, or delay deadline, each with its pros & cons. Minder


Situational and behavioral questions based on your experiences.

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* Reply in STAR format. * Provide enough context otherwise your answers can be interpreted in a different way - specifically in culture interview. * In my last interview with dev ops; the interviewer kept on describing their own past experiences rather than specific questions. Although it may sound unconventional, you might want to interrupt to drive the discussion in your way to show engagement. Minder

Samsung Electronics

Describe 3 of design patterns you are most familiar with.

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How to deal with memory leak issue in an embedded system.


Who are you and why you are here

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I provide the common answer


1. Why did you leave the last company

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I was leaving the company as the last project i was working on ended and moved to support Minder


Develop lightning app in SFDC

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Developed and showed

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