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Er werd een Senior Software Tester gevraagd...2 augustus 2021

Why do you choose us?

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For career growth


Going from quality strategy definition and implementation, End to end automation, Performance testing

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Cleared all answers


what is software testing? and how many years of exp?

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answer confidently and without fear.


how would a parser file fail to process when the system runs out of memory.

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I answered it eventually that the test will fail as the computer runs out of memory and the parser will not be run. But the point I say it is difficult is because this is not something that you simulate, it is more an infrastructure issue than a coding Defect. This needs to be handled with alerst on system rather than a test simulation. Minder

iFocus Systec

Basic Testing methodlogies and Software testing techniques. Few Hardware and OS concepts with networking related. Few scenario based questions as well. Quite relevant to the job post.

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Answered all the the questions straight and it was good.

Mostly Technical Questions on Manual and Software testing. 2 coding questions, 1 sql query.

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Answer with confidence. The coding part will be easy. Sequence and series. Software architecture and testing to be answered in simpler terms. Textbook knowledge is not encouraged. Minder


Q: About current project, Extent report, java interface.. Write programs with Inheritance and abstract class.

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gave most of the answers which I could.

atyati technologies

Manual Java Selenium Basic Coding What ever you give answer if its correct also they wont agree

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80% correct but in that also she was not agreeing, in google also what i said those answers are present but where she got those answers god knows. Minder


1. Which framework you have used in your project? 2. Explain how you implemented OOPs concepts in your Selenium project?

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Need to be confident and answer should crisp and on the target.

Zeus Learning Pvt. Ltd

Puzzal of Socks and find bugs in your resume.

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Can you help by naming staffing agencies for fresher's please?

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