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Er werd een Senior SQL Server Database Administrator gevraagd...16 juni 2020

Index tipping

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Only wanted to hear how Kimberly Tripp would answer it


We have data that gets loaded once a week. With that in mind we have an application that clients enter search data in to and then SQL has to dynamically build a statement that has 25 different data points/relationships. It works fine, but takes upwards of 30 seconds to return the data to the client. You can not change the existing schema, but you can however add to it. Indexes are already present and optimized on all the different tables. What could you do to make this process much faster??

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Without being able to restructure the existing schema your only choice is to de-normalize the data. When the data gets loaded on that weekly schedule, also build a flat table so there are no relationships being built. Minder


Cluster environment experience

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I have good amount of experience in cluster setup and maintenance

CMS IT services

What type of daily monitoring to your Database and describe it briefly

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I explains my experience in Database level and briefly told them.

If you are having issues connection to your database server how would you troubleshoot

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Firstly open sql server configuration manager an check if the sql server service is running, and if the protocols are enabled Minder

Deutsche Bank

What's the road map for next 10 years ?

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Have a challenging career

Atlas Systems

Purchasing levels in Azure technology

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I couldn't

Genius Sports

How would you tune this query?

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Written and oral explanations.

Replication and name different types that you know

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Merge, transactional and snapshit

Cognizant Technology Solutions

SQL Server Architecture, Big Data Architecture

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SQL Server internals, system databases

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