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Risk Management Advisory Services
Er werd een Senior Staff Accountant gevraagd...7 juni 2018

What was I looking for in the future?

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To get a certification.

How long did it take till you got your offer?

Bally Technologies

They asked how quickly could I start!

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I told them within two weeks time.

Bally Technologies

I was asked about my experience using Oracle and Blackline software as they were soon going to be migrating to these platforms. I was also asked about my previous history analyzing manufacturing variances, particularly purchase price variances and how I would go proactively approach minimizing these variances.

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I pointed out specific examples in my resume where my analytical skills had saved my previous employers lots of money in terms of catching unfavorable purchase price variances. In addition, my systems-savvy skills were able to utilize the computer to automate a number of monthly journal entries which created time-savings and improved accuracy. They liked that! Minder

LEI Home Enhancements

What assets can i bring to the company?

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My knowledge in large scale reconciliations, and an extreme attention to detail

Best Doctors

Lack of communication.

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Everybody is so inept in their roles that they make decisions based on the first two seconds of meeting someone yeah both leaders of the company think they can some somebody up in two seconds they're both a holes. Minder


This was one of the most technical interviews I've ever had. I was asked to describe current accounting processes in detail. It was intimidating, but appropriate for the position.

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Behavioral Health Group

Interviewer asked about my experience with the company's specific accounting software

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I provided specific examples of how I had worked on this specific software with the same company structure that this company has. Minder


Most of the questions were leadership principle based

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Hi! As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at . Pls also check the positive feedback at the bottom of that page! Thanks. Minder

Country Music Foundation

Discuss your prior experience.

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Reviewed past experience & highlighted those unique experiences.


Why should we hire you

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I have 12 years experience in account with a CPA

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