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Er werd een Senior Web Developer gevraagd...25 juni 2015

Write a HTML responsive page.

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HTML, CSS and Javascript

You don't write responsive HTML page. HTML simply describes and defines the content of a web page. You make it responsive using media queries in CSS. Minder

You must have failed the interview question bruh. The description above is good enough to figure out what that means. Minder

24 Data

They asked specific questions regarding my skills directly related to the job posting. They understood the position and

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I am glad you did not take the position, I worked for the company 2.5 years and the company is very unprofessional, the owner is like the guy behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, it's a remote position, but they are constantly watching you and checking your IP address. Secondly, who wants to work for a crooked payday loan company, stealing money from less fortunate people living paycheck to paycheck. Minder

24 Data is not itself a payday lending company. It is a company that pushes out websites and generates leads for its one single client which is an auto title loan company. On average, the auto title loan company charges 360% APR. The client is also involved with payday lending. So, 24 Data's main purpose in life is to facilitate this industry. Make of that what you will. If you dare to question any company policy (even an illegal one), you will be subjected to retaliation and a hostile work environment until you quit or enough time passes that they can fire you. This has happened to several individuals, so it's not a fluke it's a pattern. If you can take being screamed at and berated on a regular basis and still be willing to tow the party line, by all means, take the job. If you have any sense of dignity, self respect, or any kind of ethics, steer clear. Minder

24 DATA, Inc. is a professional and strong organization that prides itself on providing competitive compensation and benefit packages to its valued employees while supporting the ability for employees to work from their virtual home office location. 24 DATA, Inc. is not a payday loan company. 24 DATA, Inc. is a software and web development company. 24 DATA, Inc. has never stolen money from individuals. This statement is false and inaccurate. 24 DATA, Inc. operates its company with integrity and ethical values and will continue to do so in all realms of its business. Minder


Write a method that takes a string and reverse it

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var s = 'helloworld' s.split('').reverse().join('');

var s = 'helloworld'; var i = 0, j = s.length - 1, temp; while (j > i) { temp = s[i]; s[i] = s[j]; s[j] = temp; i++; j--; } Minder

var str = 'helloworld'; var s = str.split(''); for (var i = 0, j = s.length - 1, temp; j > i; i++, j--) { temp = s[i]; s[i] = s[j]; s[j] = temp; } s = s.join(''); Minder

UnitedHealth Group

How would you troubleshoot slow loading web pages and poorly performing stored procedures?

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Obviously, it is an easy answer though. First you want to check the network connection. If that seems to be working fine with other websites, check the code of the website. If the code is too cluttered then it will have problems loading. Make sure to organize the HTML so you can easily find clutter or useless text. Next, use a website validator - . This website helps you find any errors on your page that may be causing a slow down. Hope this helps any, I use this for any problem I have. Minder

This is a very good question to ask anyone who is interested in web development. it gets them thinking and start working on problem solving. Minder


How long did it take for them to give feedback?

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They didn't bother. They simply ignored the interviewees. Looking at their IT infrastructure and processes it seems that they have major communications problems. Minder



Google Maps allows you to zoom in and out of satellite maps, with terabytes of data accessible via a very fast interface. How would you go about implementing this functionality?

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Luckily, before being asked this I had thought about this problem myself. I realized that when google maps re-drew, that it did so in patches. I mentioned that you would want to keep the back-end data in a tree of images, where each (zoomed out) image linked to multiple (zoomed in) patches that composed it. These patches, in turn, would link down to the next level of zoom. In order to draw quickly, this still required a lot of bandwidth. Google had that through their distributed data network. One way to give users a more responsive experience is to take advantage of the time a user spends looking at a map. While the user is simply looking, javascript code could be busy pre-loading all of the images that can be zoomed into one level down, as well as the images that comprise the zoom 'out'. All of this would require some very smart javascript, and it's not trivial, but when it's broken down to components, it's certainly feasible to see how it could be done. Minder


Loop through an array to find the max

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(function () { var a = [1,4,3, 7,8,9,2,3,5,2,45,6]; var b = 0; for(var i=0; i b) { b= a[i] }} console.log('Largest element in an array is ,', b) })() Minder

``` (function () { var a = [1,4,3, 7,8,9,2,3,5,2,45,6]; var b = 0; for( var i=0; i b) { b= a[i] } } console.log('Largest element in an array is ,', b) })(); ``` Minder


Given 2 arrays that are already sorted, write a quick function that combines both arrays and returns a single sorted array.

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// Java program to merge two sorted arrays import java.util.*; import java.lang.*; import*; class MergeTwoSorted { // Merge arr1[0..n1-1] and arr2[0..n2-1] // into arr3[0..n1+n2-1] public static void mergeArrays(int[] arr1, int[] arr2, int n1, int n2, int[] arr3) { int i = 0, j = 0, k = 0; // Traverse both array while (i Minder

function combiner (arr1,arr2) { var i = j = k = 0, rArr = [], lenReturn = arr1.length + arr2.length; for (;k < lenReturn; k += 1) { if(arr1[i] < arr2[j] || arr2[j] == undefined) { rArr.push(arr1[i]); i += 1; } else { rArr.push(arr2[j]); j += 1; } } return rArr; } Minder

Aristocrat Technologies

What is your experience with Angular?

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I've taken some classes online as well as played with the code in a dev environment to explore all the possibilities with the language, including writing custom directives, custom tags and web forms. I was not required by my current job to utilize it because our projects didn't call for it. Minder

Do not go for interview at aristocrat. They do not have any requirement, they are just advertising his company. If you will give more than 90% correct answer, then also they will not hire you. They are asking questins like as they are willing to give package of 50 Lacs, but they will give even good salary. Interviewer of aristocrat are thinking that, they are British and interviewee are indians. NEVER GO FOR INTERVIEW AT ARISTOCRAT, ITS WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. Minder

Gyrix TechnoLabs

They have asked me to generate the series and then implement the logic of program

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I am able to generate the series pattern and after that implemented the logic to generate that series in C language. Minder

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