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Er werd een SIU Investigator gevraagd...26 juni 2015

What systems are you used to working on?

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My interview was in November 2014.

Thank you. Humana is the talk of the town now as it is likely to be sold. If a job offer is made to me now, is it a safe enough to accept the offer? Your thoughts on this will be really helpful. Minder

Humana has a very strong values system and they seem to always do right by their employees, so I would say for sure you should accept an offer if one is presented. The likely buyer is Aetna and I worked for them for 10 years, so if they do buy Humana.. You should still be fine! Minder

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How do you group a large amount of data?

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Do you mean what tools I use like excel? Interviewer: No how do you group large data sets? Minder


What do you know about AIG? Describe your greatest case in your career. Name your one key strength and one key weakness

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Info on company from their website Rest obvious answers


"Can you live with this arrangement?" "We just want to have investigators in all markets right now to call upon."

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No, this is very common now with PI agency's, but they will never build loyalty or respect towards their company like this. Minder

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Do you have experience analyzing and reviewing claims

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Florida Peninsula Insurance

What background can you bring to this position?

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I explained my whole background, including training and experience.

State Farm

Why would I make a good fit in SIU.

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Because of my vast experience of Law Enforcement in my background.

Molina Healthcare

Are you familiar with exception based reporting?

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Exception based reporting is software that is used often in the field to identify transactional losses. Minder


Tell me about a difficult task you had to perform.

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I advise the interviewer of a project I was in charge of and with no additional help and on a very tight timeframe I explained that I use the options I had available and worked very rapidly to complete the project. Minder


Tell us about a difficult case you investigated and how you handled it.

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