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Crossroads Automotive
Er werd een Skip Tracer gevraagd...10 augustus 2018

If I would be willing to second in command.

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Yes, due to my experience.

My experience in kia motors 12 years


If I had experience

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What Experience did I have? How many years? What did I like about it? What didn't I like? Why did I want the job I epplied for?

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Didn't matter really....I dressed professionally, have an education and my qualifications far exceed what they need and appreciate. They want bodies to fill seats...They will fire you in a heartbeat and offer any excuse without any real explanation. Don't expect ANYTHING in writing Minder


What could I bring to the company?

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I have a positive presence and have great customer service skills

Primeritus Financial Services

What ia your biggest weakness.

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Being so competitive that i have to make myself move on from tasks that i could come back to at a later time. Minder

Credito Real USA Finance

"Among those seated here, who would you hire for this position, and why?"

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I simply stated that all of the candidates seated at the table had unique backgrounds and sounded qualified for the position. Minder

Midland Credit Management

What would you do if you ran into a problem you didn’t know how to solve?

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I would immediately ask for help or assistance of some kind. Time is of the essence. Minder


Introduce self, reason to join, know the jobdesk or not, problem solving

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I can answer all

Uniquity Financial

What is your greatest weakness?


Tell me about yourself

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