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Given a string of parentheses, check if the parentheses are balanced. Then the question was extended to all types of brackets.

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Used stack

If it's only one type of parentheses, then just use one numeric counter: +1 if "(", and -1 if it's a ")". If at some point counter is negative, then return false. At the end counter should 0. For multiple types of parentheses use stack: if opening bracket, put into stack; if closing bracket then it should match with whatever on top of the stack. If not matching - return false. At the end stack should be empty.

Output the words found in a stream of characters. - Input: Dictionary, Stream - Output: Dictionary containing words and their occurences. - Complexity, best case, worst case

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So much, technical stuff mostly

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Heel veel vrij persoonlijke vragen. Vele vragen die niet relevant zijn voor de functie. En wat negatief. Vragen zoals: hoe oud ben je, ben je getrouwd, hoe veel kinderen, wat voor dingen doe je op je priveleven, waar ben je slecht in.

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Given the following list of objects {user, loginTime, logoutTime}. What is the maximum number of concurrent users logged in at the same time? Input: [ {user: A, login: 1, logout: 3}, {user: B, login: 3, logout: 4}, {user: C, login: 1, logout: 2}, {user: D, login: 123123123, logout: 987987987}, {user: E, login: 1, logout: 3} ] Output: 3

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1) Design patterns 2) Multi threaded programming

Fibonacci sequence algorithm

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All regular interview questions nothing special.

No technical assessment was required, just to provide some open source code that I did or significant experience / portfolio of projects.

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Hoe iets technisch het best gedaan kon worden met React Native

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