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Panasonic Automotive
Er werd een Software Development Project Manager gevraagd...31 maart 2018

Presentation to all interviewers about auto industry trend

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I did some research and prepared the presentation before going on-site.


What is your biggest weakness?

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American Institutes for Research

Questions were not difficult but were not related to the position. The questions were more related to day to day work of the person doing the interview.

MicroLogic Associates

Tell me about your experience.

redPanda Software

How would you check teams health using jira


I.e: Why did you apply for the position, what is your preferred carrier development, where you running multiple projects at the same time, highest budget worked with and no of people, familiarity with SCRUM

National Prescribing Service

Have you ever had a project that involved direct contact with stakeholders.

ELCA Informatique

-Describe past career -Plans for next 5 years? -What would be your strategy in this role? -Discussion in German, French & English -Give 3 personal weak points -Give 3 personal strong points -Why want to leave current employer

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