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Ik kreeg een lijst van n integers, vind de top van k integers. Wat is tijd-complexiteit van jouw oplossing? Given a list of n integers, find top k integers. What is time-complexity of your solution?

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Solution with a test case is as follows: int K = 5; Integer[] input = new Integer[] { 3, 3, 2, 1, 2, 45, 32, 1, 23, 4 }; PriorityQueue pq = new PriorityQueue(K); for (int i = 0; i K) { pq.poll(); } } Integer p; while (!pq.isEmpty()) { p = pq.poll(); System.out.println(p); } Complexity is O(n*log(k))

This is the sort of company where they like you provide more than one answer and also to think both like an Engineer and a Computer Scientist. So your first answer could be If I have to do it in a hurry, sort the list using the built-in sort of the language and take the top of the list. this is O(n log(n)) If it is worth it to do it right, use a heap, that you may also know as a priority queue and you have better performance.

Heap insertion is O(n*log n), how can you get better performance?? That said, "Interview Candidate"'s solution does not match the claimed complexity. I think this can be done with a quick selection algorithm, which provides an average linear solution.

How would you design an app through which you can see nearby options to travel to a specific location. Travel options might be (but not limited to) taxi's, trains or buses.

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Some detail on the resume was unclear

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Vertel ons over uzelf en uw ervaringen

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Voor het niet technische gedeelte zijn er geen diepgaande vragen gesteld. Voor de technische gedeelte wel.

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Do you know where you want to be in two years?

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We have two words. We need to determine if the second word contains a substring with an anagram of the first word. ping & jingp -> yes ping & ijngp -> no

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Tell me about yourself

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Why do you want to work in the Netherlands?

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create architecture diagram of web server

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