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Swap two digits from an integer, the result should be the maximum. For example 3580 -> 8350

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Search a string inside a file line by line and return that particular line plus k previous line

public static int findMax(int start, int[] digits){ int max = Integer.MIN_VALUE; int id = 0; for (int i=start;i 0){ digits[k] = num % 10; num = num /10; k--; } for (int i=0;i

public static int findMax(int start, int[] digits){ int max = Integer.MIN_VALUE; int id = 0; for (int i=start;i 0){ digits[k] = num % 10; num = num /10; k--; } for (int i=0;i

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Write a function that would calculate a Pascal triangle element, given its coordinates.

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Call a function F in a loop. F returns a string of 140 chars. Write to the output 1 when F returns a string with the same letters (basically a permutation) of a string previously returned. (the question was not this well formed)

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Given the following list of objects {user, loginTime, logoutTime}. What is the maximum number of concurrent users logged in at the same time? Input: [ {user: A, login: 1, logout: 3}, {user: B, login: 3, logout: 4}, {user: C, login: 1, logout: 2}, {user: D, login: 123123123, logout: 987987987}, {user: E, login: 1, logout: 3} ] Output: 3

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We have a log file, can grow pretty big. Each line is a trace-log, and the first field is the RequestID. We need to scan the file, and print all the logs for requests which resulted in error .. 001 BEGIN 001 fetched from db 001 some processing .. 002 BEGIN .. 002 fetched from db 001 returned success 003 BEGIN 001 END 003 some work 002 ERROR 003 some other work

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Union of n arrays with x elements. Output common members contained in at least 2 arrays. Explain the complexity of the algorithm used. We have a digested server log with username, visited page and timestamp. Create a processing algorithm that will output the most visited page/areas in such a way that will match partial path as well. i.e. { { user: "user1", page="/home" }, { user: "user1", page="/home/account" }, { user: "user1", page="/home/account/profile" }, { user: "user1", page="/home/account/login" }, { user: "user2", page="/about" }, { user: "user2", page="/about/contact" }, { user: "user2", page="/home" } } the output user1 - home/account - home user2 - /about PS I'm rephrasing because I cannot recall exactly the question

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questions based on your test, problem solving approach, java multithreading, query optimization etc.

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Implement the MyStack. (A lot of questions about multi-threading) @protocol Stack -(void)pushObject:(nonnull id)obj; -(nonnull id)popObjext; @property(nonatomic,assign)NSInteger count; @end @interface MyStack : NSObject @end @implementation MyStack @end

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if p1 and p2 are two consecutive prime number, in which cases (p1 + p2) / 2 is a prime number.

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Given an array of numbers, e.g. [5,0,9,2,5,5,5] - return all the consecutive numbers that add up to N.

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