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Tell us about yourself

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It's a long story :) ... then after 1 or 2 minutes of going though previous jobs I was interrupted and switched to technical questions.

Some detail on the resume was unclear

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How would you design an app through which you can see nearby options to travel to a specific location. Travel options might be (but not limited to) taxi's, trains or buses.

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We have two words. We need to determine if the second word contains a substring with an anagram of the first word. ping & jingp -> yes ping & ijngp -> no

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Do you know where you want to be in two years?

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Given a linked list of length n, and without creating any secondary data structures, how would you find an entry in the linked list in less than n probes? How would you improve or refactor this section of code from the coding challenge?

The test was in form of a code sample printed on paper, where a number of issues where present. I had to identify the issues, and explain why they were such and how they could be remedied.

Example of a question during the Orientation Interview: Given a large list of values, how can you find the number of all entries which are identical? What is the Big O complexity of your solution?

Implement project challenge within 10 days

Explain how to configure load-balancing between database instances.

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