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De casestudies betroffen onder meer de energie-industrie, het werven van consultants en fileproblemen.

Hoe handel je als je weet dat je de deadline niet gaat halen?

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Given multiple entries of four points A, B, C and D identify and count how many are squares, rectangles, or none.

Knowledge about the company (Do this thouroghly) , general behavoral questions, basic knowledge of design thinking, CV and past experiences.......

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How much memory does "a" take running on JVM?

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Data structures and algorithms

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Past experience + best practices. Questions both ways.

Case study questions and programming questions.

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In the second pahes's questions set, there are two question categories; first is case study type questions and second is script programming questions (Python). The first category is presented as user and test scenarios of a specific system or messaging interfaces. These scenarios are highly related to the domain that the company is working on, which is Smart cards, card readers their messaging interfaces. In the programming questions, one of them was challenging but not very impossible to be solved.

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