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CV was niet in orde volgens hun, dat heb ik nog nooit gehoord.

A Hacker Rank test that had to be attempted in C/C++/Java/C#. It has 4 questions: 2 were about OOP/Classes, 1 was about array of dates and another one about trees.

What is the difference between boost::mutex and CriticalSection? What lies beneath the mutex?

Write a SQL query to count distinct values from each sensor. Database was PostgreSQL.

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Write an algorithm to divide array between "winter" and "summer" given a variable number of monthly temperature readings, with the rule that all winter temperatures are lower than all summer temperatures. Solution should be O(n).

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Write a Angular component for like and dislike button.

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A typical system design question that is really good to distinguish engineers from just programmers.

Thread safety (where a specific answer about AtomicReference was sought).

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