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Er werd een Software QA Engineer gevraagd...30 januari 2023

Palindrome String leet code easy


Questions about the company and competitors.


Describe your previous project and what did you do

Cisco Systems

Regex match String manipulation python related question


Tell us about yourself briefly?


Q: Tell me about yourself, why should we hire you, describe how your perform a test on a given task

Abalta Technologies

how to deal with vague requirements

Q Analysts

What would you do, if it looked like all the required tests weren't going to be completed in time, and there was no support available to assist in the testing?

1 antwoorden

Relay the info to management/stakeholders, provide a prioritized list of remaining tests (assuming subject expertise), await a response while continuing to test. Minder


How do you test a vending machine? How do you handle conflicts in a team?


What is api Testing Error 2xx,3xx,4xxx,5xxx Rest api

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