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Er werd een Research Software Development Engineer gevraagd...31 mei 2012

How many windows APIs do you remember?

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I'd better be Pleased to use them,learn and enjoy rather than noticing how many API's had been encountered by me!!! Minder

I think what HR is expecting is how would you interpret this question and provide a valid answer of that Minder

Man, we have computer for that.


Design for a google doc style spreadsheet, with a focus on how to handle multiple concurrent edits and formulas on the spreadsheet.

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Described a transactional model for updates.

It's a very common interview question, this article How To Design Google Docs ( has a detailed discussion about this topic. Minder

Wikimedia Foundation

Build a program to process data from an emitter. The data arrives ordered and for every received record your program may take from 0.1 to 5 seconds to process. The processed data has to be given to a stream, ordered and in real time. For the sake of the example the processing time is random sleeping between 0.1 to 5 seconds.

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Build a queues based system with multiple record processors that work in parallel, but make sure that this processing happens in parallel, not just concurrently as in the real world the CPU will be working, not just sleeping. Minder

As an addition to the answer above: Parallelising the elements processing without extra logic around it would cause the processed elements to be published downstream in a non-deterministic order. If we want to maintain order and parallelism, a solution could be to have a (circular) atomic auto incrementing integer `i`, after processing an element `e` assign the latest `i` to it by putting them into a map from `i` to `e`. Keep track of the latest `i` which has been published downstream, let's call it `latest`. At this point, whenever `i` is incremented, check if `i` is the successor of `latest`, if that's the case it means you can publish that element downstream and you can also publish all the elements in the map that are successors (while clearing them from the map). If you use this approach in some cases (eg. when processing of one element produces lots of data), you should make sure the queue in bounded, not to risk out of memory while processing too many elements in parallel. Minder

Prior to the interview I was asked to read a scenario of a client wanting a turf grass study.

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Read up on turf grass study design, the types of measurements taken, length of study. The use of factorial experimental design and stats. Minder

Teknuance Info Solutions

pure technical questions based on machine learning and deep learning.

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answered, but not upto the mark got nervous

Flanders Make

Past work related to what company is expecting from the candidate and the related skills

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Explained projects in the area that is relevant and technologies used. Detailed the projects in the same domain and skill used to complete those and willingness to work on the same domains. This is only round#1 and waiting for next steps Minder

SAS Scandinavian Airlines

how did you hear of our company?

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Through a search on the network

Software Improvement Group

Basic information on CV. About projects and research.

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Go though my listed experience in CV.

1QB Information Technologies 1QBit

Why did you choose C++?

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You asked for C++ or Python. I chose to do it in C++ as I prefer it over Python.


Pretty easy foobar type question

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Easy dynamic programming question

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