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Er werd een Senior Software Engineer - Test Automation gevraagd...26 februari 2018

Public int compareTo(object o) { Employee emp = (Employee)o; return -; }

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Output should be 0. Since compareTo() implements Comparable interface.

Have you received offer.?

Have you received offer?


Fairly standard fare. Know your algorithms and data structures, talk through your thought process, do your research on what their technology is, etc.

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Any specifics on what sort of phone screen questions?

NDA, so I can't really be specific. It would be best to look up specifics related to the role you're applying for, as well. Minder

EPAM Systems

QA related

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After how many days they mailed you

The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the EPAM Systems or ex-EPAM Systems Software Test Automation Engineer experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. Minder

TechChefs Software

Selenium - system test to login into web application with combination of username and password reading excel

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Use data provider annotations and declare username and password as the variables. and from excel extract the username name and password in form for list or array. and using data provider you can test it for both valid and non valid username and password. NOTE:- @dataprovider annotation follow one to one mapping do care of that while providing values in your test case. Minder

Larsen & Toubro

What are types of wait?

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3 types implicite wait, explicite wait and fluent wait

The Floow

- Technical Assignment to demonstrate using BDD on their mobile app. - How do I select the best candidates for automation - How do I prioritise areas to test when there is too much to test

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I submitted the code assignment successfully on git, it was reviewed and said to be very good. The face to face interview went very well. The overall feedback was good from the HR, but there was no offer made saying they are looking for someone whom can do manual testing more than automation.(As against the role they advertised) Minder


What type of hours are you looking for?

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between $40-45


Generic questions from selenium, Java, mobile automation, framework etc..

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Dear Candidate , Thank you sharing your feedback. At Tekion, treating everyone equally and operating with the highest integrity is one of our core values and we believe in upholding our values in all our communications, internal or external. We understand your frustration , at the same time we believe you would understand that we would not have spent all our time on the interviews if there was no genuine interest in hiring. Hiring was put on hold for valid business reasons and as soon as we start hiring again we will certainly reach out to you. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Regards, Sowmya Minder


Explain a nuances of methods in Java vs C++ and key differences. The desired answer is that C++ requires virtual keyword but Java is different.

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Guessed the gist of it correctly, but did not know the real syntax in either case by heart. Minder


skills related

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Yes I too faced the same ... They call only those who have less notice period

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