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Er werd een Solutions Architect gevraagd...29 september 2022

coding, system design, quant, behavioral


Do you experience in REST API’S.


Standard interview questions were asked

DataRain Consulting

Com uma solução quase redundante, vi que só tinha um recurso S3, e eu gostaria de Backup, como seria realizado esse backup ?

Valley Bank

Discussion was around my experience and solutions for certain usecases


1) case studies based on real architecture 2) databases 3) Networks 4) serverless 5) pillars of cloud 6)cloud adoption framework LP and STAR methodology are most important

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Did well I suppose

Amazon Web Services

What do you think are the differences between a leader and a manager ?

Amazon Web Services

Leadership Principles to your work history. Look up Dan Croiter on youtube.


Microservice. If traffic is high on a sale day, what would you do?

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