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How long were you dating your wife, before you got married?.

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None of your business. This is not related to the position I'm applying for.

Really ? Disgusting

You have been living in Netherlands, for 6 years now. Why are you not fluent in Dutch?

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What are you main drivers to join Salesforce?

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I was asked to present a Nutanix slide deck, and present one of my own achievements.

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The remainder of the questions were all about getting to know me as a person.

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Q: what attracts you in the role of Solution Engineer?

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Part 1: An E-Commerce company (transacting approx $70 Million/Month with annual revenue of $800+ Million) attributes much of its business growth based on Internet-savvy consumers. Some of their current business processes: 1. Email-based platform for Tech Support, Package Tracking, Voucher/Coupon issues. 2. 2 Factor Authentication via SMS. 3. Voice calls fielded by call centre agents. 4. Feedback/Complaints systems via Website 5. Segmented marketing and customer relation databases Given MessageBird’s product portfolio, list the products that are applicable to each use case

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[Video Interview Question] Describe a time you have had to improve an initially difficult relationship with a class or team mate to achieve shared success?

I didn't have any interview questions, I only had an introductory interview and the panel.

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