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Ocean Conservancy
Er werd een Special Assistant to the President gevraagd...10 augustus 2015

Standard questions. Example: "Tell us a time when you made a mistake at work and how you handled it?"

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I focused on organizational leadership dynamics that engender confidence and competence from the upper management. As the special assistant to the president, I communicated that it was important that those serving as executives and for executives to embody an everyday culture that demonstrated responsibility and maturity. However, I think they were merely looking for a secretary who would schedule appointments on time and stay out of the way, rather than an assistant to the leader of the entire organization who served as an extension of that leadership. Minder


The instructions I received: "How about researching what each airline offers for meals u can buy on board and we can c if any r vegan and if not how easy and why they shld make vegan if nearly there.. Then if u have info and convincing argument cld draft letters to approp people at them."

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I researched "meals u can buy on board" (note: MEALS, not SNACKS) for more then 50 airlines, created a spread sheet and drafted a letter. The response I received from Ms. Newkirk was as follows: "Hi, xxxxxxxxx, can you please clarify when you say 99.9% of airlines carry a vegan snack. United doesn’t. Delta doesn’t. I’m not aware of any that do. This is a bit different from what I had asked, which was to ID what they serve, and then see what they would have to alter to make that close option totally vegan, and persuade them to do that. That entails naming the choice, i.e. on United it would be Tapas box. That comes with a cheese spread but everything else is vegan. See what I mean? Thanks, and hope things are going well for you generally." (Note: I knew at this point, I would not be offered the position.) Minder


If the CEO had to fly to Korea for a meeting with Samsung tomorrow, what would you do to prepare for it?

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1. Make sure we have a Korean interpreter on stand by at all times. 2. Book 2 sets of tickets (refundable) for different times depending upon when the arrangements are wrapped up prior to flying. 3. Prepare financial reports from past quarters related to the discssion. Minder

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Tell me about what you consider a weakness and how you deal with it.

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The ability to say "no"; I commit to new things even when my plate is full. I've learned to better prioritize the things I'm working on and ask more questions about a project before I accept. Minder

New Profit

Tell me about a time you had to get buy-in from another department or office when they were not as invested in your project as you were.


Which of our company values do you most relate to/identify with?

Generation Citizen

Why did you apply for this position?

National Center for Health Research

Why do you think you would be a good fit for the role?


Give me an example of a situation where you failed at something and how did you handle it?

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