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Er werd een Special Investigations gevraagd...20 oktober 2017

What is the most important part of an investigation?

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Accurate, detailed, well structured report

What other questions? And any tips on the creative exercise. I did it kinda like an eassy im hoping that's what they are looking for i am scared i wont get though. Are u enjoying the job so far? Minder

Are you able to manage your time?

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Management & Training Corp.

What can you tell us about your prior supervisory and investigative experience?

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I have worked in the oil and gas exploration and production industry as a CPA. I have uncovered quite a variety of illegal, unethical and otherwise wrong accounting practices. And many of these were initiated and designed by executives with CPA's. It is pretty easy to find the problems. And it is not very industry specific really. It got to where I found problems every job I got and then I would be let go. The problems were intentional and driven from the senior management. Minder


The standard "What would you do if you had a rude customer?" type of questions, or "How would you keep in contact with the team?"

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I wouldn't take their inquiry as rude rather than not understanding something. In a clear concise matter, I would attempt to look past the rudeness and rather educate them as to their inquiry. Frustration can be misconstrued with rudeness. If it continues, explain that you are sincerely trying to help them and in no way condescending but what can I do to help you see this issue/question/ concern in a different light. My goal here is to help you- not frustrate you. Minder

Capital Blue Cross

Can you help others while you are working?

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I have always mentored employees at every level of job positions.

KeyPoint Government Solutions

why do you want to work here

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work for the government

What would do if you are working on a case and your supervisor needs another case covered, immediately?

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Advise supervisor what you are working on and give the status of that case and then make supervisors request the priority. Minder

KeyPoint Government Solutions

What relevant experience can you offer

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told them about my experience and tried to tie it to the open position

KeyPoint Government Solutions

Will you relocate?

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I said yes.

KeyPoint Government Solutions

What qualities would make you a good investigator?

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It depends on who you are. Just answer it honestly.

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