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Admiral Security
Er werd een Special Police Officer gevraagd...16 juli 2015

Name three things you consider as great customer service.

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Quick thinking

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Admiral Security

Name three things about yourself?

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Hard worker


Where do you see yourself in 3 years

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honestly! if its with the company then say that, if not then say that too.

G4S Secure Solutions

One thing I was asked was why G4S?

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The way I answered it is the way most employers would prefer. "In researching your company I found it to be highly professional and a company to be proud to work for." Minder

G4S Secure Solutions

Very easy questions such as why do you want to work here, what do you have to offer the company, etc. The majority of the questions are filled out on your own time at home and you just turn the packet in and they halfway look through it.

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Everyone is going to answer the questions differently. I would suggest a solid, professional response to the questions; and don't lie. Minder

Capital City Protective Services II

Why do you want to work for us, How would you fare in this situation, Tell us a little about yourself. When can you start.

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I can start ASAP

Omniplex World Services Corporation

What firearms are you fimilar with?

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Listed all weapons I was trained on.

Do you have a license

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Usual stuff, obviously they delve deeper in the background and polygraph. Asked a lot of questions about sex and drug use.

Washington Nationals

Why are you interested in the Nationals?

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