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Er werd een SQL Server Database Administrator gevraagd...13 maart 2023

Always ON Cluster Transaction Log

MoMagic Technologies

Sal queries and Nagios server.

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They are non professional and taking to you in Hindi and the are expecting that you are expert. They don't want to hire you they just want to promote their organisation Minder


Que es un indice cluster y un no cluster

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indice cluster es orden fisico de una tabla, no cluster logico

Envision Enterprise Solutions

Be strong with your mentioned skills in resume

North East Independent School District

1. Why did you apply at Northeast? 2. What can you bring to the table? 3. Why should we hire you over the other candidates?

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1. I applied because I had an ex-colleague work here and he really liked the culture and the people. 2. I bring creativity, an open mind and analysis, SQL programming, and an easy-going personality. 3. I am a hard worker, positive thinker, goal oriented, easy to get along with and talk to. Minder

Atlas Systems

Purchasing levels in Azure technology

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I couldn't


Basic SQL Server administrations questions

Wells Fargo

simple basic dba questions, job responsibilities and scenarios

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as long as you are a genuine candidate with experience in a process oriented company, you should get through Minder

Stanley Black & Decker

Technical oncall support, build related for new infrastructure projects, application side troubleshoot

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