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Er werd een Statistical Analyst gevraagd...27 juli 2009

Name the last 5 Heisman Trophy winners and their schools.

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Baker Mayfield - Oklahoma, Lamar Jackson - Louisville, Derrick Henry - Alabama, Marcus Mariota - Oregon. Jameis Winston - Florida State Minder

At least they did not ask their positions as well

Tata Consultancy Services

What is the first thing you do to when you get the data before starting the analysis? Question on Rao-Blackwell theorem? How will you see the normality in the data?

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The best approach is to start with EDA(Exploratory Data Analysis)

As you get the data, start with EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis). You need to understand the data and try compare with business sense (It include trend, outlier, missing values, seasonality, and lot more) PS: More you question your data, better you can do your modelling. Minder

Capital One

Case interview #1: Mail sending

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there should have two utility functions, one for number of people received mail, one for the money spend: U1=g(X) - f(0.5X); U3=g(0.9X) - f(0.4X). if money is the most important constraint, function f would be a very steep function, thus U3 > U1; if people is the most important, g would be a very steep function, thus U1 > U3. if we have g and f defined, we can set U1=U3, Minder

I'm sorry if i understood the question wrong. But wont the option 2 better in every scenario? It costs the company 40c to send the mail with 90% accuracy. So to have the same reach to number of people as of option 1 (say we want 100 people to get the mail), we just need to send the mail to 111.11 people in option 2. With 90%, it will reach 100 people and will cost $44.44 whereas it will cost $50 with option 1. It will not matter if only the accuracy rate was 80% in option 2. Minder


What should you look out for during a merge?

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The dataset should be sorted before merging.

In the merge statement, BY variables should be provided , used in for sorting.


If you only have one choice, do you prefer to work on time or correctly?

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I would choose work on correctly because it takes some more little time but in the end client satisfied from this work and give some more project in future so i will see company profit. Minder

i would choose work on time. because you don't want to be rushed at work or a project you're doing and could cost you or your company , on just because you rushed something you had little time to do. Minder

Jana Mobile

Surprised that the majority of the questions were Software Engineering oriented. Asked to write a string search for a grid of characters. Then asked to check for repeats of numbers.

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We're sorry you had a bad experience, whoever you are :( All our technical positions require some level of coding. We try to make this clear in the very first conversation we have with all candidates. We will take this feedback and improve from here. Thank you for sharing. Minder

GCE Solutions

Questions about how to create certain tables and figures commonly used in pharma

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depends on job to job

Indian Statistical Institute

Basic statistical concepts in MCQ form

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Statistical concepts and R programming

KBM Group

Why are you interested in this position? What's your top 4 position for your career? Tell me about course xx? and what's the best method do you think in this course? Test on basic SAS code, such as merge

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Do they inform you if you are not selected?

Government Statistical Service

As a team leader, a member of your team on a project appears not to be contributing as much as the rest of the team. How would you go about addressing this issue?

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First, approach the colleague to offer support and see if there is any particular element of the project they are struggling with. Offer personal and team-wide support to ensure the quality of the project. If insufficient, include the line manager and project owner to see if additional resource or support can be given. Minder

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