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Save-A-Lot Food Stores
Er werd een Store Clerk gevraagd...2 maart 2018

Tell us about yourself. Do you go to school? How old are you?

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I am 32

No i dont fo to school and i am avaible to work anytime

Have you had another job before save a lot?


if your graduated a 4 years course and if u have a friend or relative in the company may be or you can get in

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answer all the question

The Salvation Army

Do you have any medical disabilities? Do you have any children? How old are you?

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I answered shocked, but honestly. I will be contacting the EEOC about this interview, though it did not fit my criteria for a part time position. Minder

Those are all illegal questions


Only question that was really asked was, "why do you want to leave your current job, to work for us?"

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I Have A Retail Theft Charge Will Winn Dixie Still Hire Me

I Was Suppose To Get The Rest Of My Application Sent To Me With 24 To 48 Hrs And It Has Been Over 48hrs What Can Be The Wait Minder


What does HMV stand for?

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His Master's Voice

Academy Sports + Outdoors

Why do you want this job?

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I need a means to pay for rent as a proceed with my formal education.

Starship Enterprises

Did I have a job currently or in school

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No to both (they don't work with your schedule so If your currently working this may not be for you. If your in school I would say this is better suited for online studies) Minder

BC Liquor Stores

What are my strengths

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I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills

SM Retail

what can you give to improve more better and to be a stand leader in this company?

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i can sure to you that every move i make,,,i really give my all best to do my juty and with no doubt as a emlployee... Minder


Mainly concerned with availability of their potential hires

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