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Er werd een Strategic Project Manager gevraagd...19 augustus 2019

Could tou tell me only one example of your career that fits exactly to this position

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My current position is Projects Coordinator


"Tell me about a time you showed leadership."

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I told a true story while working on a Business Project during my masters studies. Minder

Ochsner Health

How would I manage an executive staff member that was holding up a project?

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I stated that I would approach the staff member and discuss the deadline and what I needed from them as ask if there was anything I could do to help facilitate the action/information that I needed. Minder

Riot Games

Which role or lane you play most often in League of Legends?

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Just answer with your own experience


According to you, what makes a good leader?

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What are your weaknesses?

They asked things like: Tell us about a time when you faced risk and how you dealt with it. Tell us about a time when you failed at something and you how dealt with it.

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I answered all questions honestly about my experience and current work processes. There were no follow-up questions about how I might work in a different environment or any indication of expectations of the work environment at Minder


What is the main product of the company?


What do you expect to receive from here?

Riot Games

What do you think about 10 bans?


Case-type questions on how they can increase the box count. Follow-up questions on how to tackle potential new markets.

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