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Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE
Er werd een Senior Business Strategy & Development Manager gevraagd...21 juni 2017

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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This is such a cop out interview question. It literally should be struck from every interviewer's repertoire of questions to ask in an interview. My assessment of who asks this question is a very poor interviewer and doesn't bode well for the company as a whole. Get up and walk out. Minder


Generally asked behavioral-style questions, although not in a rigorously planned way. It was clear they weren't strictly directed by HR to follow a particular approach. A lot of the questions were focused on understanding elements of resume and experience, not behavioral.

American Express

Talk about weaknesses and strengths

American Express

Why I want to join the team? Why Amex? Why I'm right for the role?


Write a very long case study

American Express

How would I increase merchants acceptance of Amex cards and grow # of transactions


Should Vodafone UK launch a 5G fixed wireless access product?

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