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Why are you interested in doing the internship with us?

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Improve knowledge of supply chain and get experience with international business, apply knowledge acquired in academic background to help the company. Of course we talked about the challenges in the division and how a project in business administration would help.

What topics are interesting for you?

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1) Why did you choose Optiver ? 2) What do you know about Optiver ? 3) Are you looking into other similar job offerings ? 4) What is one of your weaknesses? 5) What did people think about why in one of your previous projects? 6) If you were to get multiple offers, what criteria would you use to pick one?

Experiencia academica y expectativas como profesional

Vragen waren typische competentiegerichte vragen; voorbeelden van teamwork, voorbeelden van leiderschap enz. Hij maakte notities van bijna alles wat ik zei en maakte nauwelijks oogcontact. Hij zei dat HR een beslissing zou maken op basis van zijn notities

How has your major influenced your career decision making

What do you want to learn or take from your internship at Salesforce?

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