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Jane Street
Er werd een SummerTrading gevraagd...15 februari 2020

Questions were based on aptitude and an IQ test which tested your technical skills as well as personality.

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There was a quantitative test which had probability questions and you had to type out their solution. Minder

IMC Trading

How many seconds are there in a year? How many litres of rain would fall on your head if you stand outside for a whole year? There are three people in a room, what is the prob that at least two were born in the same week day?


Walk me through your CV, have you ever not met a deadline, why trading


Questions include Who is the governor of BoE? What is the unemployment rate right now? Talk to me about yield curves Why did you choose that stock pitch? (you can direct this to be technical) · You have seven 40 minute slots which could potentially all be filled up, depending on how well you’ve impressed in the speed networking. · Interviewers are given structured questions which are competency based but I had 6 interviews and only one interviewer actually attempted to follow half of them Interviews are conversational and they tend to ask questions based on your answers and your interests · How do you think you can apply your course to a sales position? · Why Barclays? · Why sales? · Why not trading? · What have you done to prepare for this? · How do you follow the market? · Name me something interesting you find in the markets · Give the current economic climate, would you buy or sell bonds now? · What is quantitative easing? · What is a derivative? · What is 13/16? · What do you make out of the stock market? What are some good investments? · If you had two clients in the same asset class, how would you go about choosing which client to take on if you could only choose one? · How would you convince someone your idea is better than their idea? · Would your friends describe you as motivated? · Name me a time where you pushed yourself to achieve something? · What would you do if a client asked you to do something immoral? · Tell us about yourself' · Why banking over [law]? · Why banking? · Why sales and trading? · How do you keep up to date with the financial markets? · What was the last book you read and how would you persuade me to read it? · What is gold and oil trading at? · What is convertible bond? · If you had a million pounds, what would you invest in? · Sit with each desk for two minutes, rotate, on to the next one (around 15 people) · Tell me about something you read in the news · Do you know what my desk does?

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