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Tell me something that was very challanging that you had accomplished in your carrer?

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I told some of the various challanges in line with some of the challanges that LG was facing today and recouned the way I went about solving the problem

Redelijk gebruikelijke vragen; voorstellen (elevator pitch), verder veel vragen over voorgaande ervaringen op het gebied van voorraadbeheer (sc planning)

- share your main achievements in past carreer - share your future ambitions 3 years out - how do you coop with persistant colleagues convinced to be right on their view

tell us wo you are. Experiences. What do you like about Supply Chain? How do you behave under pressure? What would be your weaknesses?

Verschil tussen productie en logistiek. Hoe werk je in teamverband.

No human interaction. Just a test. Not even a phone call before assesment is sent.