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Four Hands
Er werd een Supply Chain Planner gevraagd...11 maart 2018

Walk us through your resume and tell us about your history and the positions you held.

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You seem very angry. An interview has to happen before someone gets the job. We don’t all have to agree, my friend. That is life. Minder

Thats because this interview never happened and you most likely working for the company. How dare you try to discredit some one on how they felt. Minder


Questions stressing deadlines and work ethic.

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Tell them what they want to hear.


Questions were very much around gauging my skills.

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I provided answers with examples to give evidence-based information that can be validated. Minder


rate your communication skills out of 10 then give me an example that shows your communication skills.

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I rated my self and I Told a situation from the past that shows my communication skills Minder

DS Smith

Vertel me over een moment waarop je een conflict had met je baas of een teamlid en hoe ben je ermee omgegaan?

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Choose a recent event in case they ask for the details, you will then have them fresh Minder

Procter & Gamble

Explain about the project

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The project involved lot of supply chain aspects which was explained in brief


We would like to do a Zoom interview with you. Can you provide available times in your schedule to commit to an interview?

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I supplied times available but no response from Nobelus... I sent another email updating my times available (I had some in person interviews) but again....chirp....chirp.... chirp. no answer. Minder

Micron Technology

No right or wrong kind of question - If you have 10projects and in the given time, you can do either 100% of 8 or X%(X<100) of all 10. Which one would you opt for and why?

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As it is a right or wrong question, the answer itself is not as important as your thought behind it. They are mostly gauging your approach to any problem or situation in this one. Minder

Christian Dior Couture

How would you change your organization?

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I would change my team's structure, giving more learning and growth opportunities to all team members. Minder


My previous job positions and responsibilities along with level of education.

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Provided all education details, along with examples of previous job roles related to the position. Minder

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