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Vertel me over een moment waarop je een conflict had met je baas of een teamlid en hoe ben je ermee omgegaan?

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Choose a recent event in case they ask for the details, you will then have them fresh

Since my background is more into sales and marketing and I wanted to start career, they asked if how can I relate my experience to current opening and how I can contribute to this role?

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Assessment day

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Interview: standards of leadership

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D'après vous, quelle est la partie de la mission la plus intéressante et quelle est la plus difficile?

General CV experience review

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What attracts you to this role and working at Staples

Tell me something that was very challanging that you had accomplished in your carrer?

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Explain a team experience (asked from my CV) where you faced conflicting ideas. What was your approach to overcome this conflict of interest?

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