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DeVry University
Er werd een Operations Support Coordinator gevraagd...17 juni 2014

What do you do when you've finished your work but still have to be on the clock?

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Find a co-worker that can use a helping hand.

There’s always something that can be done extra in any job, whether you clean, or organize something or reorganize something. You can also read the company’s manual and a lot of times you’ll learn things you never knew about. Minder

Uuuuhhhh, like, I browse Imgur. Can I say that? I said I read and (used to) do homework. Minder


If you were an animal, what would you be?

2 antwoorden

Just be smart about the way you answer and have a reasoning behind it

I would be a lion. In order for the lion to be king of the jungle, one must first be noticed. Take pride in your territory. Always be alert and detailed oriented in all actions. All the other parties around will take notice and you will earn their respect and loyalty. Minder


What do you know about flydubai?

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Aberdeen Performing Arts

How would you improve security level within the company?

1 antwoorden

Providing a cyber security trainings for all employees.

Laminex Group

What do I think separates me from other IT professionals.

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My character. Eager to learn, great interpersonal skills.

Hanjin Shipping

Motivation to jump into shipping industries.

1 antwoorden

It was on bulletin board of univ.

Kenny Construction Company

What was the most selfish decision you've ever made?

1 antwoorden

I don't have a good answer to this question; I wasn't selected for the job, so my answer may not have been good enough. Minder


What can you bring to the role that makes you different to other candidates?

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Answered reverting back to the presentation I'd already delivered answering this and added a few extra notes. Minder

Campbell Hausfeld

Give me one reason why I should not hire you.

1 antwoorden

There's no reason why you shouldn't hire me.

Council On International Educational Exchange

If a homestay parent called the police on a student, what would you do? (They don't like to remove students from their homestays)

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If the police are called, it is already at a very serious point.

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