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The Cincinnati Insurance Company
Er werd een Surety Underwriter gevraagd...13 februari 2017

Describe a time where you disagreed with management in a prior position or other context. How did you handle this?

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I talked about an experience where I disagreed with a manager as a coach of a sports team. I explained the situation, where the manager's decision left many of my players' parents unhappy for reasons well beyond my control (such as fees paid to play). In this situation, I explained to my parents that it was not my decision and if they were unhappy they should voice those opinions to my manager. This ultimately lead to me being fired, but my interviewers agreed that I did the right thing and had no obligation to take the flak for a decision that I didn't make. Minder

Avalon Risk Management

Why are you interested in this position?

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Explained to them my strengths and how it applied. Went into depth on how these strengths would add value to the company. Minder

UFG Insurance

Situational analysis similar to a case study.

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Used previous experience to dissect the situation.

CNA Surety

Time showed leadership? Had an opportunity and ran with it?


What do you know about surety bonds?

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Why are you interested in underwriting?

IAT Insurance Group

If a customer wanted pricing but you did not have it, how would you respond to the customer?

Merchants Bonding Company

Describe a time during employment where you face adversity, how did you respond.


Tell me about a time you had to take a risk and how did it play out?

Great American Insurance Group

What was your authority at other companies? What is your current premium? How would you handle a specific case study?

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