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Er werd een Systems Architect gevraagd...14 november 2014

What prompts your move from a big financial company in nyc to a startup ?

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I worked at a startup early on in my career and missed that culture. I am passionate about innovation and doing things elegantly. Minder


What were your responsibilities in your previous role? Interviewers mainly asked about my background and experience. I was interviewing for a different role in software development than my previous position, so much of the interview was to validate that I was qualified for the position.

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Since the questions were straightforward mainly answered based on work experience. Minder


My technical experience

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By describing my roles and experience


If you have a sock drawer with 50 red socks and 50 blue socks, what is the maximum number of socks you can take out of the drawer so that you have 1 pair of socks.

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When I answered this question, I said, the "maximum" number of socks is 100 and you will have 1 pair, as well as 49 other pairs. The answer they want is 3 socks, to the question they meant to ask "What is the least amount of socks you have to take out to guarantee at least 1 pair?" but they did not word the question right. Minder


Given a database table, write SQL code to return the unique strings from a column

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SELECT DISTINCT string FROM table_name;


Are you comfortable working within another industry than the one that you are active on right now?

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Yes I have changed industries before and thus I am familiar with all difficulties that may rise. But I am up to the challenge. Minder

Elluminates Software

How do configure a trunk port?

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switch port mode trunk switch port trunk allowed vlan xxx no shut

Have you ever wrote your own formatter?

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No, it would not be a good decision to write your own formatter in the year 2022, there are plenty out there that are made by thousands of people Minder

(if I can remember the exact words), how do you change an object between apis?

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I answered that I couldn't understand the question, because it's obviously poorly worded. I asked him if he was alluding to the contract between api's or the serialization type I am accustomed to and I would structure a payload. Apparently he skipped as he told me that he doesn't know what I mean by "contract between api's" Minder


what was business requirement of my recent project

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answered. thats all

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