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Er werd een Tableau Developer gevraagd...2 april 2018

They asked about Technical Stuff

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It would be really good that if you share questions also

I just answered the questions from my perspective.

Karvy Group

Difference between regular filter and context filter

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Context filter when applied on the data source creates a context for the whole sheet and all the other regular filter on the same sheet. Now, all the regular filter is applied on the data filters by the context filter not on the original data set. Once a regular filter is changed to context filter, it appears gray. All the regular filter will be blue in color Minder


Tableau Architecture,LOD's,Filters

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WebMD Health

What Tableau projects you have worked on

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Complex visuals and data models for various claims metrics using story, dashboard, worksheets Minder


A real time scenario on super store data

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It was pretty easy


Tableau Related and Tableau Server as the admin also part of the j.d so they are asking about some admin questions also but cool all the process is as usual in regularr interviews it's up to expectations

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good, experience with the interview panel, cool going started with the project description and then after my intro they started asking diff question related to developmental work in tableau how we performed various activities based on our skills they tested with their questions Minder

Carnegie Technologies

Is Tableau software good for strategic acquisition?

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Yes! For sure. It gives you data insight to the extent that other tools can’t. Moreover, it also helps you to plan and point the anomalies and improvise your process for betterment of your company. Minder


Baics questions in tableau like filters blending joins.

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I was prepared for conceptual questions.


Completely based on Tableau Real Time Scenarios

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Answers are Hypothetical

University of South Florida

Highlighting my process of building it. More detailed questions about the insights i gathered through this and what effect did it yield for my work

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Demonstrated my tableau worksheets

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