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What are your biggest weaknesses?

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I said I take on too many things at once and as a result, the quality of the output suffers because it isn't at the level I would normally would be if I focused all my attention and effort into one thing. But I said the main thing is to understand and realize you have this weakness and to work on it. Awareness is key.

Case study, how would you hire for a specific small village in Russia

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It was very casual interactive discussion

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Waar zie jij mogelijkheden voor KPN om te kunnen groeien?

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Ben je bereid om te reizen naar business locaties (klantbezoeken)?

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How does this opportunity fit into your long term goals

Gedurende het Skype sollicitatiegesprek werden normale sollicitatie vragen gesteld. Geen specifieke/technische vragen. Vragen zoals: - Vertel ons over jezelf (geef een korte presentatie) - Wat weet je van TomTom? - Gedragsvragen (zoals: Geef ons voor

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