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Protocol Education
Er werd een Teaching Assistant gevraagd...17 juni 2019

Do you have experience in education?

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What are your hobbies or special skills ?

I have been working in the educational field for sixteen years.

Yes, I started this journey when I was 19 years old and in the following 2 years I was working as a freelance teacher giving private lessons to kids and adults from A1 to B1 levels then after 21 years of age I started working for big companies such as British culture and American culture ( I got job offers). Since then I've been teaching students how to speak properly without getting excited. Minder

University of Guelph

What is your preference of the courses that you would like to be a TA

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Introductory Microbiology

Systematic Bacteriology

Industrial Microbiology

Childcare Network

If a child forgot to wear his coat when his mother picks him up, and the mom had a bad day and take it all on you, what will you do/say?

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I would apologize to a parent, and ensure her that her child will have all of his belongs when he leaves. I would do is in a calm, professional manner, so the parent knows I geniune care about her child as if it were my own. Minder

Thanks this is a great idea and help

ILA Vietnam

Have you ever been a teacher ?

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I was a tutor for a grade-9 student.

I have been teaching English for 5 years in a secondary school

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Do you feel comfortable assisting international students or students who have little hands on training?

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I have had experience helping people with many different types of problems from previous jobs. I am willing to take the time to fully explain solutions and help students with the problems that they may encounter. Minder


How many years experience do you have working with children?

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I have almost six years experience, two of those being a nanny.

Which class are you most interested in assisting, and why? Are there other classes you would be be able to assist in if needed?

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I talked about my interest in assisting a fiber arts class because that was my primary focus in my personal work at the time, but also mentioned my experience with painting, drawing, and digital design. Minder

Texas A & M University AT Galveston

Professors pick who they want as their GAT. So it helps if you are well known in the department and are involved.

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Visited the department frequently.

Texas A & M University AT Galveston

GPA was taken into account when being selected.

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minimum 3.0

Child protection question as standard and 3 others

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Usual cp answer

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