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What do you want to improve in 1-year in your personal life?

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I told them I wanted to learn to play tennis. Yes, the answer is as stupid as the question.

Some general, CV-based questions about myself to break the ice. Then more pragmatic, use-case-based questions like: - how to deal with their current doc in terms of maintenance, improvement, etc. - I suggested migrating it to make it more efficient, so we discussed possible alternatives like wiki and DITA XML - the core of their doc is API doc so we talked about API doc standards, best practices, doc generators like JavaDoc and Swagger. - Questions on markup like wiki syntax, markdown, rst - Hands-on examples of how I handled issues/problems/mistakes in the past and how I achieved positive results in my past experience as a tech writer

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All the standard questions - good and bad qualities, why do you want to work for us, what do you bring to our company, where do you want to be in 5 years

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Technical knowledge was tested.

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Standard HR-style questions such as: "why do you want to work as a MPM?"

Are you capable of taking on research and distribution aspects of writing?

Challenges in your daily work life and how you addressed or tackled them.

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