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Some general, CV-based questions about myself to break the ice. Then more pragmatic, use-case-based questions like: - how to deal with their current doc in terms of maintenance, improvement, etc. - I suggested migrating it to make it more efficient, so we discussed possible alternatives like wiki and DITA XML - the core of their doc is API doc so we talked about API doc standards, best practices, doc generators like JavaDoc and Swagger. - Questions on markup like wiki syntax, markdown, rst - Hands-on examples of how I handled issues/problems/mistakes in the past and how I achieved positive results in my past experience as a tech writer

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All in all is was a very relaxing interview where both parties tried to figure out how much we liked each other and if this could be a good match for both of us. They offered me the job and I accepted it. I can say that so far it is a wonderful ride, very rewarding professionally and with great colleagues.

Technical knowledge was tested.

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All the standard questions - good and bad qualities, why do you want to work for us, what do you bring to our company, where do you want to be in 5 years

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What do you want to improve in 1-year in your personal life?

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Challenges in your daily work life and how you addressed or tackled them.

Mostly about my specific experience that related to the job (APIs, tooling). The company is also very focused on creating a healthy empowered culture, so questions about the type of environment I feel comfortable working in and how I might operate in their working environment.