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Brookfield Properties
Er werd een Tenant Coordinator gevraagd...27 juli 2010

Explain my work background.

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My job at the time was the same as I was interviewing for.

CAC Real Estate Management

none...they were very real in the interview which was a breath of fresh air.

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Micah Projects (Australia)

What is your understanding of social housing and homelessness?

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I talked about my social work degree and lived experiences.

Puri Matahari

What do you know about customer service?

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Assisting customers with their issues and providing solution to create satisfaction. Minder

Regency Centers

What are your you passionate about?

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I have a passion for real estate development and the process of taking a project from inception to completion. Minder

CoStar Group

Why do you want to work for Costar

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Listed pros for working at costar

CoStar Group

Describe a situation where you might have to change quickly.

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In my previous career, I was often asked to cover areas I wasn't familiar with, and being able to pivot with agility while still maintaining production goals was crucial, and something that I could confidentally accomplish. Minder


Have you worked in an office setting before?

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Elme Communities

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced while you held that position?

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Spoke about meeting hard to reach deadlines in a timely manner and how I worked hard to keep my team workers on the ball. Minder


What accounting system I was familiar with?

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I have worked with yardi and workspeed.

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