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Er werd een Territory Sales Representative gevraagd...1 september 2016

Tell us what you know about Allergan?

2 antwoorden

Told them all the details from my research on the company.

Allergan pipeline! Robust pipeline! It's all about the allergan pipeline


Why do you want to work for Allergan?

2 antwoorden

Because I could utilize my experience for more that 25 years as a sales professional to commit myself to a company where excellence is Valued like Allergan with this challenge position that you are offering ! Minder

Its great privilege to work in reputed company like Allergen. When I read about company I found my skill are matching with job description . Where I can showcase my skills to contribute to the company’s growth. Minder

Patterson Companies

What is my plan of action if i am not offered the position

2 antwoorden

One day

How long did it take for you to hear back after your at home assessment?

Milwaukee Tool

Why would you like to work for Milwaukee Tool?

2 antwoorden

I have a sales background and am comfortable working actively with customers to find a fitting solution. Minder

I have 5 years of experience in retail sector.


DM asked me "There are approximately 20 working days in a month, if you want to visit & do Preventive Maintenance for your top 100 customers in your territory, 6 customers/day (assuming that there is no emergency service call/s), how would you manage your time among customers? If you have extra time, what would you do ?

2 antwoorden

I answered " I only need 17 working days to cover top 100 customers, the remaining 3 extra days, I would spend more time with the big accounts in detail". Minder

Sorry, didn't mean to vote. I thought the down arrow was to scroll to the next answer since the numeral 2 was displayed. Minder

Kellogg Company

Do you have a car 2007 or newer? When I said no, but mine is in perfect condition I was told they'd have to end the Interview, Kelloggs has a strict policy about hiring anyone who doesn't have a newer car. So, basically it doesn't matter what kind of background I have? Car discrimination?

2 antwoorden

I was just applying on-line for a Territory Service Rep position and this question came up. Like you, my car is in excellent condition, has relatively low mileage, but is older than 2007. Well, I guess I'll be spending money on products other than Kellogg's Minder

They give you 30 days from date of hire to acquire a new car, if hired.

East African Breweries

Would you park an alcohol branded van in a church?

2 antwoorden

Yes,because am proud of your brands and alcohol is not a sin,over indulgence is.

Yes, because I would be proud of your brands, and since driving the van would mean I'm an employee as well as a brand ambassador, I would proudly associate myself with religion.. Minder

Philip Morris USA

Are you willing to move?

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Absolutely! Mid-Atlantic (WV, VA, NC, SC), South (GA, AL, TN, KY), Mid-West (OH, IN, Il), they're all good, depending on the opportunity, and the potential of advancement. Minder



The lack of questions were the most surprising aspect of this interview

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I too was interviewed and I too agree with the lack of questions, and I am very communicative, the interview was 15 minutes, half directly off my resume, the other half me asking questions thinking you gotta be kidding me, its my time to ask questions already. Minder

I tried to conduct an interview by asking them questions which I thought were relevant. The 2 men were completely non communicative. Minder

Lakeshore Learning Materials

How would you interact with people that are on a much lower economic level than yourself?

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sounds like kind of an offensive question. typical from what I understand based on some of these guys they hired in to run things Minder

I've never and would never treat anyone differently, based on any real or perceived socio-economic status. Minder

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